You guys sometimes she had to do prikaz voters onto doesn’t you on that court sourcing measure cars on Jack stands. And then take the 2 bolts off that hold the caliper place was one of the top women the bottom. Okay. After we do that. Then which one to do is take the calc are off. To put on top the rotor slash brake dust cover on my views a summer block. And I put it on that. Just anything to make sure that that bright light is being tugged at. Suck a lot take a brake pads and rotors out. A make sure you know that dubbed one closer to the engine bay has a big metal indicator on it. That big now indicator to make sure that I’m goes back.
Brake Pads and Rotors
Instead the right spot you know we come back later. Okay and then take off the 2 courts uphold the bracket in place so as the first one and this one out talk to. There is. And then after that you can take the bracket office. And then you can take the water out on different how does a pretty if nest for putting these little screws. In the rotor to hold them in place in the factory. Zelda another video on how to get those out if you’re having issues with us. Like. See it. Can inspire break clean energy rotors arm to get the well off from the factory. Naked but that the new water back on. Surely things lined up. And then everything else is in reverse order so put the bracket back on. But the 2 bolts back in there. The first one.

Their second one up there. And then going to tighten course. Can then take. Our C. clear. And force the piston back into the couch like flat in it however I’m not sure if your brake reservoir the fluid line is full either you take some out because what you’re gonna they see do US forces would back not mine. Next in and up in the reservoir so. For. Like. It which start then you’re gonna force you can make a big mess basically. Your reservoir so. Sure that’s good. And I put your new pads and make sure the ship is wrong there.

You wanna do a break restore head. I never do that Bradley issues. And then make sure that the big. Break the metal indicators on the. The inside hot closer to the engine bay. And then go to college Talcher back on. Okay and then just put the 2 bolts that hold the caliber back in place. A back and make sure that those low according looking good thanks are flat. You know after you Scott wiggle around and stuff. So how did I I guess it doesn’t get in and those baubles. Yes after that Teitelbaum in that’s it soap subject.