motor liftIt is believed that the master of service center know everything that is connected with the car servicing, starting from the parts and ending with the specific equipment.

Everything is logical, mechanics who work with it every day, probably will be able to tell a lot, but unfortunately, they do not know the whole range of products available on the market. Therefore, the decision to purchase the lifts is not a simple task and makes to think good, because it is bought for more than a year.

Therefore, among the reasons of equipping service stations by wrong equipment are the following:

    • Lack of money
    • The choice of equipment by unqualified personnel
    • The lack of time and a reluctance to study the issue

To date, there is a wide range of lifts of various brands and designs. By design lifts can be divided into eight types:

    • Double column
    • four-post
    • Scissor
    • Platform (lifting tables)
    • Plunger
    • Column (mobile lifting columns)
    • Parking
    • Special lifts and jacks.