Chevrolet CruzeThe Chevrolet Cruze was launched in India back in 2009 and it still remains a best seller from General Motors and your family. It has undergone many facelifts. And today we have yet another facelift. And it looks pretty. The Chevrolet Cruze has always been a right makes off comfort luxury and technology. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a new episode of the more daunting to show my name is Akash and today we will be reviewing the new 2016 facelift Chevrolet Cruze. The front of the food has undergone some subtle changes as you can see that is this do import chrome plated radiator good and the Gordon Chevrolet book I which is smaller than it was in the previous version of the cost. You have good days in design headlamps. I’m bigger than you have something new. You have projector fog lamps. Which have daytime running lights Cruze modified headlights. But everything about this guy remains rich and beautiful it is still followed by the same to you to review the engine mated to attend to 6 speed automatic transmission.

The weighted average emitted over sized engine with common rail direct injection produces 164 bit speak at 3800 RPM and the lobby talk of 360 Newton metres at 2000 obvious. They’re right in this car is absolutely awesome. Feels like a breeze. The only hassle here. When you for all the talk. It takes about 3 seconds for the expected response to get. But fear not for you can shift the garden to monitor mode by simply putting together the left. This makes the trucker response more accurate. Taking shoprite does can be a bit frustrating as the cabler is thick enough to give you a blind spot and you have to be careful. The suspension is on the softer side so expect the comfy right over broken through. But you have to be a little careful not to damage the underbody. We felt confident like breaking due to the presence of disc brakes and all for Reeves and APS. The car has a call with inspired 2:00 India which comes in premium black and it looks very good.

You have student mounted controls you have a start start button. And the biggest change is a 7 inch infotainment system that is touchscreen enabled. You have automatic headlines up front and you also get passive entry passive stock feature which enables ID theft alarm and central locking system without the use of a mechanic and he. You also get free insulting wipers and cruise control and you also have a very sweet sunroof up top. The seats are comfortable and disabled stis keep you batted in place. The front row passengers won’t have to fight for legroom and headroom. As there is enough of that. The driver seat is a 6 way power adjustable one so finding the sweet spot is easy. Although sadly the same cannot be said for the rare the low flow combined with an inclined roof can make it slightly less comfortable for anyone about 5 feet 10 inch. The presence of a tunnel in the middle means inconvenience for a third passenger is seated at the back. The booth space is big enough to carry everything you would need for of the convict make. By this new facelift of crews might not look ask a marriage as the north American release. Still looks great. The common man’s car may go moderate the Suzuki has finally introduced the automatic transmission in their desires to down.