challenger Today I’m gonna be doing a review of the 2011 Dodge challenger now I’m excited about this review this is 1 of the cool cars for summer and summer is on its way so I might just standing here let’s go take a look. Nnamdi. The Dodge challenger has received some notable upgrades for 2011. Spend chin brakes and steering have all been significantly enhance the base model also comes standard with an improved 3.6 liter V6 flex fuel engine that generates 3. 5 fourths. It also has new convenience features like keyless entry an ignition and safety features that include side curtain airbags stability and traction control call for about 22000 USD.

Okay so let’s talk about what ultimately is most important the driving experience now I’m enjoying cruising around in this 2011 challenger it has a very comfortable feel out on the road. Steering is nice and precise and tight. Which I like and it’s got a very smooth ride suspension just soaks up all of those imperfections in the road it’s a great car to get out and cruise around. It certainly got that muscular look to it. Exterior body style harkens back obviously to the retro challenger and it’s also ahead turn around on the road as you milk through town lots of people are looking at you interacting with you and the arms copper color doesn’t hurt either.

A couple of those spots if you’re really looking to get your muscle car experience going you’re definitely gonna have to look at the SRT model that 3.6 liter V6 engine in this vehicle delivers smooth power it’s also got a nice ground to the engine when you turn it on and when you’re hovering around town but it’s not gonna winning races out on the road unknown to get hammered about not reviewing the SRT model. I’m an average guy. To get these off rental lots. And the next time I see an SRT version I’ll be sure to grab it. Also as you can probably see there is a significant sideline issue because of the large.

Pillar in the back. But you know what they stuck with the true challenger styling so you gotta give dodging thumbs up for that. The interior the 2011 challenger has been freshened up or updated just a bit and new Challenger projector headlights. Still got a very simple masculine design I like the clean fresh design of the dials on the instrument cluster of the nice white pops out. Especially in this gray or dark interior I also like the nice meaty knobs here to control your climate near radio again very masculine very simple easy to use the lay out is very good as well. The front seats have just tremendous give liking rock all the way back.

So for those taller drivers this is awesome is a great vehicle for kicking it with a friend out on a nice summer or spring night you drop the windows you blast the radio UBS. You do the American thing it’s awesome. Retro car retro style retro trunk so one of things I like about the challenger as a decent sized trunk for a muscle car sports car let’s take a look. So there you have it another on his daughter review from an average guy you’re in the market for a vehicle with a little bit of retro style and some muscle you should definitely take a look at the Dodge challenger.